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Located in Indian Trail, North Carolina, Old Hickory Business Park is a 225-acre site focusing on Industrial and Multi-Tenant Commercial Development.

Beginning in 2002, Cummings Construction partnered with Merrifield Partners (Now operating as MPV Properties) as they broke ground on what was a brand new, premier business park just east of Charlotte. Over the course of the last 20 years, Cummings Construction Corporation has partnered with multiple businesses and developers in the development of the industrial park. Berkshire Partners, General Hospital Supply, Flooring Solutions, Allied Waste, Operating & Maintenance Specialties, Stafford Corrugated, 2 Hounds, and Killingsworth Environmental (Formerly Thomas Pest Control) are just a small example of the clients that selected Cummings Construction Corporation as their Design/Build general contractor.

McClintock HVAC is the most recent project completed by Cummings Construction Corp. which is a 22,700 SF multi-tenant building. McClintock HVAC occupies approximately 50% of the building which consists of a 25+ room office area, training room, and large warehouse space with a fenced and security-monitored parking lot. With buildings ranging from 10,000 SF to 30,000 SF, Cummings Construction Corporation is the preferred General Contractor for owners and developers in Old Hickory Business Park.


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